• 1990, 117 minutes

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The 1960s come to life in this gripping film. Berkeley in the Sixties captures the decade’s events – civil rights marches and the Free Speech Movement; anti-Vietnam War protests and the hippie counter-culture; the rise of the Black Panthers and the women’s movement – in all their immediacy and passion. Dramatic archival footage is interwoven with eighteen interviews and songs from the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, Country Joe and the Fish and The Band. The Village Voice called it “probably the best documentary on the Sixties to date!”

Academy Award nomination, Best Documentary, 1990
Sundance Film Festival, Audience Award, 1990
DuPont-Columbia Award for Broadcasting Excellence
National Society of Film Critics, Best Documentary of 1990
Producer/Director: Mark Kitchell
Director of Photography: Stephen Lighthill
Editor: Veronica Selver
Narration: Susan Griffin   
Narration written by Stephen Most, Susan Griffin and Mark Kitchell
Archival Research by: the A-Team led by Guy Morrison  

“Two Thumbs Up!” – Siskel & Ebert
“A potent blast from the past!” – New York Times
“Magnificent! Deserves to be seen by anyone interested in a better America!” – S.F. Examiner
“As vivid and astonishing as any fiction to arrive on screen” – Christian Science Monitor
“This really is the ‘60s again!” – Los Angeles Times

Below are a few pictures from the making of the film: